Mika Singh is the king of pop music in Punjabi Music Industry. Everybody dances on the tunes of Mika Singh. Whether it be romantic, dance beat, Bhangra pop or sad song, they make places in the hearts of people. The pop star is a blockbuster star in both, Pollywood and Bollywood. He had got love from people all around the world. He is always busy in his projects and manages to keep himself away from the social networking sites. We have never seen him updating about his statuses and upcoming projects. But he has been seen active on Facebook for last few days.

Facebook and Instagram is the best medium to remain connected with fans and followers. Mika is also sharing posts nowadays. Sometimes he is sharing songs of other singers and sometimes he is sharing his personal experiences with his fans and followers. Recently, Mika Singh has shared the post of Golden Star Malkit singh’s song “Sadde Waala Time”. He supported Malkit singh by sharing and captioned it’ “Guys please enjoy my favourite singer Malkit Singh bhaaji’s new song…..sadde wala time.. I’m sure you will love it.” This love and support could only be seen in Punjabi Entertainment Industry, where stars support other artists and maintain the “Punjabiyat” in them.