Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara In Delhi To Extend Helping Hands During Corona Crisis

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has taken a mind blowing decision to extend help during corona crises. It has offered Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara to the Delhi government to set up as a quarantine facility.

Not only this, the Gurudwara is also offering Langar to all the needy and poor people as and when required. The proposal for making Gurudwara Sahib a place for quarantine and provision of Langar from the side of management was already sent to Arvind Kejriwal who is the Chief Minister of Delhi.

This initiative is highly appreciated. When humanity is at stake, death numbers can rise and when people are helpless, during such a crucial time, help has been offered. Many of the families have enough food and essential services to survive but many poor and needy depend upon food and daily wages. For them, Langar seva has emerged as a boon. The Gurdwara Management Committee has taken a right step. They are real heroes.