Parmish Verma is a well known Director in Punjabi Music Industry. He did his debut in Punjabi Film industry with “Rocky Mental” that released on 18th August this year. The movie had been in news since the time it was announced. This was the first Punjabi movie that was based on the sport of boxing. The director thought it would build an interest in viewers minds. But, unfortunately, the movie could not get the response as it was expected to be. According to a report, the story line of the movie was very slow. It could not even hold the audiences till the interval.

Parmish had thought that not many punjabi movies have been made on sports. He took a different topic to attract the audieneces. Moreover, he took the right time for the release also. No Punjabi Movie was released after “Vekh Barataan Chaliyan”. “Toofan Singh” was supposed to be released but due to some conflicts the movie was banned to be released in India. According to him punjabi audiences will be able to experience some well choreographed first fight in the ring.

Well, we could say it was an experience for Parmish Verma. He would think more deeply next time about the story and selection of cast. Beacuse according to Punjabi Film industry if you are not a good singer, your acting career would not speed up. Parmish tried to break the myth. Better luck next time. We hope that Parmish would come up with a new project that will force the audience to say ‘wahh’.