Punjabi Film Industry has gone through a dramatic change in the passing years. Every week, when it’s Friday Punjabi Entertainment Industry has something new and out of the box for their audiences. The Punjabi Industry is not only limited to comedy and drama, now the filmmakers have new age dramas and they don’t let us down. The Punjabi directors now have some serious social issues in their bag of movies. One such movie is “Sardar Mohammad” that released on 3 November.

Tarsem Jassar’s movie “Sardar Mohammad” released with positive reviews this week. Jassar enjoys his fans in Punjab and overseas. Tarsem Jassar is a package of talent, when the story, screenplay and dialogues are done by Tarsem Jassar along with the lead role he played in the film, what is anything else that his fans could ask for. Talking about the movie, “Sardar Mohammad”, the story is based on true events that are set during the India-Pakistan partition. Tarsem Jassar is playing Surjit Singh in the movie who is saved by an Indian Sikh Police Officer and is raised by him and his wife. The whole story revolves around the curiosity of the boy in urge to find his identity and his real parents.

The movie is beautifully directed by Harry Bhatti and is produced by Manpreet Johal and Vehli Janta Team. Tarsem Jassar is accompanied by Mandy Takhar, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi and Rana Jung Bahadur. It is one of the best and must watch movie that has come out of Punjabi Entertainment Industry. If we ask a question to the viewers, Does “Sardar Mohammad” live up to the expectations and satisfy the viewers? The answer is a confident and an undoubted yes. Good Work Tarsem Jassar.


Tarseem Jassar started his filmy career with the movie “Rabb Da Radio”. The movie did pretty well at the Box Office. Now, Tarsem Jassar’s upcoming movie “Sardaar Mohammad” is in limelight. Tarsem’s fans are waiting very excitedly for the release of this film. The movie is based on a true story. Tarsem Jassar, himself has written the story of this movie. The movie is being made under the production of Manpreet Johal and Vehli Janta Team. Harry Bhatti who directed Tarsem Jassar in the movie “Rabb Da Radio” will be directing him again for “Sardar Mohammad”.

​The famous music director R Guru made a special announcement on his Facebook Page regarding this movie. He told that “Sardaar Mohammad” trailer will be releasing on 3 October. The full movie will be hitting the theatres on November 3. It is a drama movie. Tarsem Jassar will be sharing screen with the very talented Punjabi Actress, Mandy Takhar.